15 Most Successful Lifestyle Blogs in the World


It is true that we are attracted towards things that are larger than life, and we long to be part of such things. However, in reality pretty much all of us lead a pretty down to earth and normal life. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, in fact in my opinion this is a very good thing. You do not have to take my word for it, just take a look at the lifestyle blogs over the internet. Since you have taken an interest in this article, you are probably aware what a lifestyle blog actually is, but let me give you a short rundown anyway. Basically a lifestyle blog is the digital representation of the blogger’s everyday life and their interests. Some lifestyle blogs have hundreds of thousands of followers, and the bloggers are gaining massive popularity. Well, of course they may lead a simple life, but the way they represent their everyday activities attract the fans. If you are thinking about getting into lifestyle blogging, or perhaps want to read some of the most successful ones so far, then I highly recommend that you take a look at our article.

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