15 Poorest States With The Fewest Millionaires Per Capita


As you can see from the title, today we will talk about some states that have the fewest millionaires per capita. Now that said, the question is if you are a millionaire would you be concerned about these states? Only you can answer that question if you are a millionaire. Of course, the states where the number of millionaires per capita is higher, the local economy enjoys a good boost compared to the states that made it into our list. Millionaires tend to spend quite a lot of money and that money then goes back to the economy and then enter the circulation. However, if we are considering locally, then states with more millionaires are a better place to live in general. But in the end the total GDP of the United States does not change. And, a state may have a higher number of millionaires but that does not mean we can declare a state better than another just based on this metric alone. There are tons of other things to consider. However, in this particular article, we will only be talking about the number of millionaires and nothing else.

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