“Nobody has it perfect. Whatever you choose to do will have both, good and bad sides. Much like is the case with anything in life, what matters most is how you approach the problem. However, sometimes your efforts to keep a positive outlook on things are in vain. The impact hostile environment has on you is simply overreaching. You find yourself needing professional help and what you once thought was the ideal job for you has become a source of misery. What all of us should bear in mind at all times is that, regardless of the given context, what we do has a significance for the overall well-being of society. If that was not the case, there would not have been the need for certain jobs in the first place. Whatever professional position it is you occupy, you are an important building block helping the structure withstand.”

Your job should not only be a source of income, but also a source of fun and learning. Since you spend most of your life at work, what your working environment is like is important. While many are lucky enough to be doing something they love that contributes to far more than their financial well being, others are stuck with jobs that make them hate every working day of the week. This might be due to toxic working environment, unpleasant customers, poor working conditions or low pay. Regardless of what the reason is, it can have a negative impact on person’s mental health. Insider Monkey’s article on 15 Professions with the Highest Depression Rates in America deals with this issue. The author lists the professions which are most likely to induce depression. If you are not satisfied with your current job and are thinking about changing a career path, you should definitely read the article so as not to make the wrong choice twice.