15 Richest Countries in Asia By GDP Per Capita


“Out of all the continent of the world, perhaps Africa and Asia are the most backwards when it comes to economic development and power. Now that said, it would be really unfair to write of whole of Asia as underdeveloped, as there are some countries in Asia that match if not surpass the economic power houses of the world today. The industrial revolution did start much later in Asia, but Asia has a key resource over the other continents, that is manpower. Just take a look at China, the largest Asian country with a huge population. China has managed to become one of the most powerful countries in the world just by utilizing its human resources in the right way. Asian countries have this advantage, and with proper support from the authorities, any country could do what China has done in a scale relative to its size. As you can see from the title, to determine the richest countries in Asia, we went for GDP (gross domestic product). A tool to measure a countries wealth, where an estimated price of all the produced goods and services within the geographic border of a country is taken into account.

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