15 States With Most Illegal Immigrants Per Capita


Pretty much every first world country has the problem of illegal immigrants. People leave their underprivileged lives in search for a better future, and most come through legal means. However, when they fail to renew their papers, they just straight out refuse to leave the lifestyle. Because, they know full well what await them in their native country. I mean, if you have not been to a third world country, you cannot imagine what horrors the citizens of such county have to deal with in every step. Compared to that, the United States of America is a safe heaven with all of her problems and disputes. This is why, whoever made it into the US, does not want to leave it for any reason, if he/she realizes that he/she will never be able to re-enter the country easily. This is why the illegal situation is so ban in the United States. There are another group of people out there, who enters the United Sates without following proper procedures, they are illegal immigrants as well. So naturally, this happens in states that have borders with a foreign country like cough cough Mexico, cough cough.

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