15 States With the Most Millionaires per Capita in America


When it comes to raw numbers, then United States is not the most wealthiest country in the entire world. However, it is definitely one of the most wealthiest countries in the world for sure. I am sure that you are all pretty much aware that about eighty five percent of the world’s entire wealth is controlled by merely twenty percent of people in the world. However, that may have changed since I last checked. But that is not the point, the point is the rich are getting richer by the minute and the poor are becoming more poor. Well, to be honest we are in no position to discuss politics or inequality of wealth here. But, just threw it out there as something to think about for our readers. Today we will only take a look at the rich in the United States and not the world. As you can see from the title today we will take a look at sates where there are the highest number of millionaires per capita. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, and you would like some quality infotainment, I highly recommend this article to you.

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