15 States with the Ugliest Women in America


“The media nowadays plays a great role in our perception of human beauty. Western standard of beauty is imposed on us as an ideal. Women who come from states on our list do not seem to be bothered attaining this ideal. Other parts of the world have embraced different standards which we perceive as being strange and certainly not as embodying beauty. Most of us would frown upon the sight of ‘lotus’ feet – a body modification practiced in China whereby girl’s feet were bound tightly in order to prevent them from growing. The feet modified in this way were regarded as sexually appealing. I imagine we would be distressed upon seeing stretched lips of a Mursi woman. Apparently, in some parts of Ethiopia stretching a woman’s lips with lip disks is a beauty standard that helps a girl evolve into a woman.”
Insider Monkey has recently published an article on 15 states with the ugliest women in America. The article dwells on the idea of beauty and how it differs throughout history and throughout the world. What might have been perceived as beautiful back in the days of Ancient Greece by the Greeks, might not be perceived as beautiful today by their descendants. That is to suggest that our perception of beauty changes through time. However, the perception of beauty is not only different if looked at from historical perspective, but also from cultural perspective. As indicated in the paragraph above, what some cultures might find beautiful, others may not. The ranking of states with the “ugliest” women is done by taking into consideration the success states representatives had on beauty pageants. What is also taken into account is the Body Mass Index ratio. It is not only the beautiful face that counts, but also the beautiful body without excess fat. At least according to the standards set by society. To find out where the ugliest women in America live, check out the article on 15 states with the ugliest women in America and satisfy your curiosity.