It’s hard out here for a … girl. Indeed, Tinder has a lot to offer, but how are you to show yourself in the best light possible? To write so little, and yet say so much? No problem at all with these 15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls!

Yes, boys have it easy even here because there are tons of suggestions for “great Tinder bios for guys”, but when it comes to girls, it’s a completely different universe. Not a thing, a universe. It’s a fact that while looking for best tinder descriptions for girls all you seem to be encountering are examples such as “I love balls,” or “I give great…” Well, you can assume. And it’s perfectly fine for examples of sexy and popular Tinder bio lines, no doubt about it. But here Insider Monkey is trying to be witty and provoke some interest without specifically boasting about the lady-parts. That comes later in conversation, doesn’t it?

To see what Tinder bios for females would be the most eye-catching, research had to be done about what boys like and dislike. As you shall see, their list of dislikes is rather long. Actually, that’s something you would expect from a girl. Once again, it’s hard out here. Among other things, boys specifically loathe a line saying “height requirement.” Even if they match it, they’ll already be annoyed and have a too low opinion of you to swipe right. “Netflix and chill” are also on the blacklist. To see the rest, you have to click the link.

We promise the lines given are truly witty, with sometimes a hint of sarcasm, but not too much to scare the guy away. The taglines were chosen in accordance to boy’s preferences. Go ahead and choose your favorite from 15 witty Tinder bio examples for girls! Just one question, though. Can you handle so many matches? You’re welcome.