Music has been around from the dawn of humankind. Archeologists have found musical instruments carved out of rocks and bones that date back to the prehistoric times. No wonder that today, music is one of the biggest entertainment related industries. There are literally countless variations of music today, and every now and then a new genre is being invented by talented artists all around the world. Today though, we will be focusing on the artists rather than their music. To be specific we will be focusing on all female vocal bands. These bands have kept us entertained for years, and have brought about such format in band music. These all female bands focus are associated with a number of music genres, but we have ranked them based upon their success and popularity. Our method was quite simple, we have simply taken the all-female bands that have achieved most commercial success through their albums. If you happen to be fan of such a band, then you have quite a lot to look forward to for this article. As we explore these ultra-successful all female bands, you will also be able learn about tidbits about your favorite artists.

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