16 Best Selling Video Games in 2015


Video games are fun, you no longer need a dedicated device to play video games in your spare time. Perhaps when you are traveling or waiting in a queue you reach out to your smartphone and flash up your favorite game to pass the time. The gaming industry has come a long way from its early days where video gaming meant playing the tennis inspired game namely the pong. It basically consisted of a ball bouncing in between two paddles.

Today we have thousands of titles out in the market, competing for prominence. These games are so complex and creative that they have reached epic proportions and a following of fans in the millions. Every year we see new additions to such titles and also new releases. The gaming industry is growing very rapidly, drawing in more and more customers every year. Large game publishing and developing corporations make huge amount of profit generated through sales alone. Sometime games also require its users to opt for a subscription, which is another way of generating revenue.

With thousand of titles being released each year, some names do stand out. If you are looking to pick up a game or just curious to know about best selling games of 2015, please visit the link to insider-monkey’s blog post 16 Best Selling Video Games in 2015.