16 Best Tinder Opening Lines Lines For Guys


Are your messages on Tinder constantly ignored? Then you need to step up your game and come up with good opening lines. We know, even though Tinder is known as an app designed especially for one-night stands, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to hook up with someone at all. The reputation Tinder has acquired may mislead you into thinking that all it takes is to sign up and that’s it, but it’s not. Girls will be girls, so they expect you to amuse them, make them laugh, spark an interest or knock them off their feet with your seductive smile and a great photo (quite often the last one is enough).

This list of 16 Best Tinder Opening Lines For Guys will come in handy to all the guys in need of some interesting pickup lines. If you want to be certain you’ll get a response the next time you message a girl, I suggest you take a look at it.