16 Countries with the Lowest Poverty Rates in the World in 2017


“Poverty has always been an issue, regardless of the given historical and social context. It is just a matter of fact. At any given point in time, you could distinguish between different classes of society. Some have it better than others. It is not just a matter of pure luck, of being born to a right family and in the right place but it is also a matter of human nature. The issue of poverty is not unsolvable. There is an old saying in my home country which says that the problem is not to feed the poor, but to feed the rich. No wonder the saying dates back in time as its message is pretty much universal. Greed is inherent to the human nature. Perhaps that is more visible now than ever before, as the current setup makes it possible for one group of people to completely dominate over another. That is why there are such huge disparities in wealth worldwide.”

Have you ever thought what the world would look like if there was no poverty? Sounds utopian, right? That is because it is and you and I both know that utopias do not exist. However, there are certain places which come close to being utopian. If we are discussing the issue of poverty, countries with the lowest poverty rates in the world certainly can be placed in the above category. They give us the reason to be optimistic in thinking that there are ways to properly tackle poverty, and also urge us to ask for the recipe on how to do it. Insider Monkey’s article on 16 countries with the lowest poverty rates in the world in 2017 ranks countries which were successful in dealing with the issue of poverty in 2017. Multidimensional Poverty Index values and Human Development Index values were used to rank the countries. Do you think your country has made it to the list? Check out the article to find out.