The piano is an amazing musical instrument, guess I do not have to stress that fact to you. Assuming you have just started taking piano lessons, because if you are already an adept piano player, then this article is not for your I am afraid. This article is basically geared towards new piano players who have just started to learn the basic of this instruments. Now, since you know only the basics you cannot be expected to play complicated melodies on the piano and impress your friends and family. However, there is a way around it, and through this article we will let you in on this. To be brutally honest, if you are trying to impress other piano players, then I think they would see through the trick right away. However, if you are playing in front of an audience who are not that knowledgeable about the piano, then you will pull it off with flying colors. Unfortunately, in this short intro, I cannot give you further details, but I will tell you how you can access the full article located at insider monkey’s blog page.

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