16 Worst Business Jargon, Phrases and Buzzwords


What are the worst business jargon, phrases and buzzwords? Almost all business organizations operate in order to make a profit. Unless there is enough profit, there is just no point in operating said business. In order to make a profit, businesses must ensure that they always have good staff working for them, therefore they pitch their company to the potential employee pool in creative ways. However, sometimes the terminology they use to describe their organization or the buzzwords they associate themselves with can be really annoying.

Most business jargon is quite palatable for the general masses, but sometimes business organizations just go overboard. If there is a business tagline or buzzword that annoys you, then you are going to love this article all the more. The researchers at insider monkey’s blog page have done a good job of finding out and listing such buzzwords and taglines from the internet. Regardless if you are a business administrator or just a curious bystander you are going to love the article quite a lot. The article is very entertaining to say the least. Without further ado, let me show you how you can access the full article.

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