16 Most Evil Countries of All Time


Okay, before we delve deep into our today’s research, let me just state that good and evil is not something straight forward. I mean, someone’s freedom fighter will always be someone’s terrorist. Now that said, there are somethings that is clearly and absolutely evil, there is just no other ways to go about it. Things like ethnic cleansing, and genocides are just pure evil. There is no way a country or group can justify things like these. Unfortunately, atrocities of such magnitude is carried out by countries and militant groups even in this modern day and age. In our list we have compiled together a list of such countries that have been responsible for the death of a massive number of innocent people in the name of ethnic cleansing or some other stupid reason. I am sure, after you have read the full article you will also be able to see our reasoning behind this list. We are going to state mere facts and we do not have any sort of vendetta to carry out. Of course, we will cite the sources that we used to do our research in the full article as well.

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