16 Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World


Pet keeping is probably the oldest and popular hobby of human kind. Pets have been around with us ever since the dawn of humanity. Scientists believe the first pets were the wild dogs, who roamed around early human settlements looking for food. We keep pets for their companionship, the relationship between an owner and the pet can be very rewarding indeed. Statics show, even though some like to keep exotic pets, but most of us are either a god or cat person. Cats are probably the most common pet now a days, they are cute and extremely fun to pet. However, we know that having an exotic pet can cost a fortune, but in some cases, depending on your location and the rarity and purity of the cat breed, owning a cat can also be quite expensive. Depending on your choice, you can get a cat for free or you can spend a couple of thousand dollars on a cat. If you have been bitten by the collector bug, then a regular or common cat breed just will not cut it for you.

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