16 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World


The dogs are generally considered as the man’s best friend. Their extreme loyalty and amazing companionship has made them an ideal animal as a pet. From prehistoric times dogs have been a faithful companion to mankind. In the early days of humanity, dogs provided companionship to the ancient humans and guarded their camps at night, warning them of danger. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and hearing, for that still to this day many special dog breeds are used as guard dogs and security forces around the world use dogs to detect hidden threats or drugs.

But when we consider petting a dog, other things take precedence over its ability to serve the role of a night watchman. Such as how easy it is to train up the dog, how rare is the breed, how much cost is associated with the particular breed of dog. There is a dog for every person, meaning what are your preferences may be, you can probably find an exact match if you look hard enough, when it comes to dogs. There are many dog breeds out there, and professional breeders are trying to produce better breeds as well.

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