16 Most Hated Countries in the World in 2015


Now your opinion may vary from the list that we are about to present you with, but do refrain from reaching to your pitch forks and torches, because this list far from being arbitrary, it is in fact based on research work done by many credible sources. And as you progress through the main article, I am sure you will find a better understanding of our reasoning. Our researchers have scoured the internet for relevant information, and have finally managed to come up with this ranking. Now that being said, hate is a terrible human emotion, but it is there and it is a very strong emotion like love, or patriotism. We must understand, that hating someone for no reason other than his/her nationality is wrong. We know our readers understand that, but I just wanted to say it out loud. This article is not about individuals belonging to said countries, but about the countries and the actions of their government. And if you see the name of your country in the list, then please do not be offended, it is not our intention to offend anyone, we merely wish to convey what we found in our research to our readers.

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