16 Most Illiterate Countries in The World


Before we start talking about these countries, let me make this very clear that we do not intend to soil the reputation of any country that made this list. We also urge you to not be offended if you find your country’s name in the list. Yes, this is not a list that any country would like to be a part of, but unfortunately there are still many countries in the world where getting education is not really the priority. There are many reasons behind this general disregard for education, but that is a topic for another article. Today however, we will only talk about the countries where education is in a bad situation. We of course base our claims on research work and other publications from reliable sources. As usual, if you are interested in our methodology, we will disclose and discuss all of that in the full article. This is a small intro, and the short premise does not allow me to go into further details about the article. I also would not want to spoil the full article for you either. Therefore, let me point you to the full article instead.

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