Our today’s topic is rather depressing, but very important nonetheless. A topic may seem rather mundane, but that does not mean we should not talk about it or try to make sense of it. Literacy or education rather is the key to unlocking one’s true self. An illiterate mind is clouded with misinformation and superstition, and one such mind cannot imagine the amazing things that could be. Thankfully, most of the world is literate, and many developing countries are trying their best to achieve higher literacy numbers. Government policies are made and government is heavily subsidizing such efforts in those countries. Now that said, the word’s number one priority is not ensuring literacy for everyone, and there are several countries out there where education is considered as a luxury not a necessity. You can imagine how life is in those countries. Our today’s article is about highlighting those countries, and how things are going over there. Only a small number of people attain education in those countries, and naturally the environment there is similar to how Europe was in medieval times. Yes, quite hard to imagine, but this is the cold harsh truth.

If you wish to learn more about this rather mundane but important topic, then you have come to the right place. At insider monkey’s blog page, we have put together the list of 16 Most Illiterate Countries in The World. Just click on the provided link to get instant access to the full article.