16 Most Technologically Advanced Countries in the World in 2017


“There is no denying that technology has contributed to the quality of life we lead nowadays. Just think about the knowledge in store for us online. At no other point in time was knowledge so accessible as it is nowadays. Keeping in touch with my relatives in Australia is much easier now that I have Skype and do not have to nervously watch on the clock while talking to them over the phone, so as not to get a high phone bill. However, while technology appears to have connected people worldwide, I feel it is because of technology that we have become so alienated from one another. The essence of Friday nights out has become more about taking perfect pictures which will generate a lot of likes, hearts, comments, and whatnots, than about showing a genuine interest in your friends’ lives and listening to them talk about their week.”

A website Insider Monkey has recently published an article on 16 most technologically advanced countries in the world in 2017. Given the importance of technology nowadays, the content of the article is undoubtedly relevant. Even you, dear reader, are reading this text I wrote thanks to the numerous people who devoted their lives to revolutionizing technology. And like stated in the quote above, while technology has made us somewhat more distant, it certainly did make a lot of things easier for us. I guess we have yet to learn how to take the best of it, without letting it affect interpersonal relationships. Or have we already strayed so far, that things cannot be improved? The countries which have made the list are technological giants, standing at the forefront of the technological revolution. The data used to estimate which countries are the most technologically advanced are the following: 2017 Global Innovation Index ranking, 2017 Bloomberg Innovation Index ranking and 2017 ranking of universities in the field of computer science. Do you think your country has made the list? To find out, check out the article on 16 most technologically advanced countries in the world in 2017 and let me know what you think.