16 Poorest Large Major Cities in America in 2018


Some of the poorest cities in the US are El Centro in California and Port St. Lucie in Florida, which are basically smaller size cities. That is why, with today’s list, we covered only poorest large cities in America for this year. What you will notice on your own, while reading, is that two cities of Texas are mentioned. That can provoke a thought that Texas is, in general, a poor state. For example, the average annual salary of an office manager is $43,686. We could say it is not much, but there are also poorer as well as the richer states than Texas. I think it is fair to say that it is somewhere in between, according to annual average salary.

In order to find out more about it, check out the list made by Insider Monkey of 16 Poorest Large Major Cities in America in 2018, ranked by the average annual salary.