16 Poorest Small Cities in America: 2015 List


When you say the United States of America, the image that comes to mind is not of poor and struggling communities for very good reasons. Please do not get us wrong, in today’s world the United States of America is perhaps the most powerful country in the world, if not the richest.  However, that does not mean, there are absolutely no pockets of poverty within this great country’s borders. And today we will be focusing on exactly that. Small cities that are somewhat in a weak economic condition compared to other American cities. Now if you find the city where you are currently living in the list, please do not be disheartened, because we are sure the authorities are doing their best in order to remedy the situation and soon things will change for the better. The thing here is, small cities are not considered as the economic hubs of a nation and thus at times they are ignored, and this is what causes these cities to suffer from economic crisis. If you are looking for some infotainment, then you just cannot go wrong with the article that I am about to link at the end of this post.

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