A business venture is not a onetime thing. It is something ongoing and recurring, and in order to succeed in a free market economy, it is paramount that a company should have very good customer services. A robust customer support and after sales services helps to retain customers and build a strong relationship with the customers. Without this, no company can last longer or sustain its operations. In fact, this is the reason, monopolistic markets are so highly unfavorable among customers. Today we will be taking a look at some companies that are quite unpopular when it comes to rendering customer service operations. Despite this infamy, most of these companies tend to do quite well in regards to their respective businesses. Well, as I said, if you hold the monopoly of a product, you can get away with a lot. If you are interested in learning about public relations policies of such companies, then I assure you, you will absolutely love the following article. Our researchers have done a great job of coming up with one such list of companies. But you have to read the full article in order to learn about it.

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