The year is 2018, and the problem still persists. Right now millions of people are being treated as simple goods. In these 16 worst countries for human trafficking in 2018, the best selling “merchandise” are people.

Where are the victims of human trafficking? They’re in the fields under the scorching sun, on dusty streets, in someone’s home as domestic servitude or purchased brides. They’re under the ground in mines, in basements or filthy rooms. People of all ages are subjects to this inhumane trade: women, children, and men. There is no age limit – everyone’s suitable. Some victims are more prone to end up in prostitution, while others are recognized as the most suitable for forced labor. There are lots of forms in which a person is exploited without any mercy, and victims come from all walks of life. The ongoing wars have proved as real catalysts when it comes to human trafficking. Millions of refugees are migrating, and it is so easy to lose yourself in the chaos. Sadly, there is a huge number of children out there without a proper childhood, to put it mildly. What is most shocking about underage victims here is the fact that a lot of them are recruited by military troops. They are abducted or lured to join them, and later instructed how to kill. Some lives are being destroyed while you are reading this.

The countries listed are either a source, destination or a transit country, or sometimes they’re all of the above. The biggest accent is on the types of victims. If men, women, and children were trafficked, that put the country in the higher place. Special attention is paid to countries which are known for creating child soldiers.

You already have some guesses about the countries, so go ahead and see if you were right at 16 worst countries for human trafficking in 2018.