When it comes to cryptocurrency bitcoin is probably the most prolific one out there. If you are wondering whether you are able to use bitcoin in order to make an investment, then the answer to that question is yes. Although, not every big company out there is currently accepting bitcoins at the moment but we can speculate that soon enough pretty much every major player will start accepting bitcoin more or less. The thing is, the price of bitcoin can be a bit tricky to accurately predict. In 2009-2010 bit coin prices were less than a thousand dollars per coin, however after a mere 7 year period the prices have hiked up to $4000, now that is pretty volatile. There is no way to tell whether the prices of bitcoins will go up or plummet down in the future. This is the main reason companies are not willing to accept bitcoin as an investment also, there are possibilities of legal issues that needs to be ironed out as well. Anyway, if you own a stash of bitcoins and would like to invest them inĀ  companies that accept bitcoin then I believe you will find this article quite useful.

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