17 Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers


Debating is fun and highly addictive, if you are good at it. It is not just a great pass time, but it also helps develop essential life skills as well. Debating is essential for teaching teens how to be articulated, and how to persuade people. Both of these skills have great value, and if utilized correctly, these skills can make the difference later in life. Now that said, it does not necessarily mean that having good debating ability will ensure a successful career, there are a lot of other factors at play as well. As you can see from the title of our article, today we wish to talk about a few controversial topics that often come up in debating competitions involving teens. Take for example, “Should cosmetics marketers cater to pretty girls or not” now is clearly a controversial topic. What do we perceive as pretty is often the result of aggressive advertisement campaigns of these very cosmetics marketers. Historically speaking, the notion of beauty has been constantly changing, and talking about that in front of an audience while trying to avoid offending people can be a really tough job. There are plenty more topics such as this in the full article.

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