How would you like to go on a holiday, fall in love and come back home with the girl of your dreams? It’s not mission impossible if you visit one of 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend.

Finding a girlfriend can be tough. Sure, everyone is saying how guys have it easy and this is a man’s world, but when it comes to dating, the tables have turned. Men have every right to feel confused nowadays. You’re expected to be a feminist (whatever that implies nowadays) and a perfect gentleman. Also, there’s a thin line between being a gentleman and a total wimp. Usually, it depends on a girl. And most girls don’t really know what they want, or hardly have they ever known. That’s exactly why you’re reading this. You’ve deserved some effortless dating, haven’t you?

You’re going to love Insider Monkey’s list. It consists of countries which are known for their contestants in beauty pageants. At least once they won one of the titles for Miss World or Miss Universe. Therefore, the standard is high. Their beauty is recognized by the whole world. What is perhaps even more appealing is the fact that the countries in question have a great male-female ratio. Great for men, at least. Men are scarce in these lands, so girls and women know a good man is hard to find. And will definitely appreciate one when they find him. Wouldn’t you like to feel desired and respected?

Also, there’s some advice on which countries to avoid. Their ratios may not be that bad, but the laws are extremely strict. Unless you’re planning on getting married, don’t go to countries where premarital sex is punishable by law.

Ready to pack your bags? Grab your passport and head for one of 17 easiest, best countries to find a girlfriend!