17 Examples of First Messages to a Girl on Facebook


You really like her, but your palms are sweating when you think of sending her the wrong first message and ruining everything even before it all even started. Why wouldn’t you then opt for a 100% responsive first message? Simply read Insider Monkey’s 17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook!

True, people have massively started using Instagram along with Tinder and similar dating applications. However, Facebook is still very much in use. Just take a look at its owner. He’s still getting richer every day and even made it to the list of top 10 entrepreneurs in the world in 2018. Why is Facebook so convenient when it comes to dating? An indecisive girl could give you the best answer. Facebook has become the perfect mediator in negotiations. Sometimes a girl isn’t quite 100% sure if she’d like you to have her number or not, but giving you a Facebook account is somewhere in between when it comes to privacy. She didn’t turn you down, so there’s a window open for you. Now’s your time to shine and send her a cool, original message.

Another scenario considered by Insider Monkey is when you haven’t been officially introduced, but she’s attracting you like a magnet. Whether she’s one of your friend’s friends, or someone you’ve noticed round campus. The stakes are even higher since she has no clue who you are, so you’d better send her something funny or interesting along with your friend request. How to do that and get your request approved? The instructions are in the article, pretty straightforward and practical.

Now would be the time to pluck up the courage. Reading about 17 examples of first messages to a girl on Facebook is the first step.The next one is sending her a message, so get ready to chat!