17 Good Pop Rock Audition Songs for Female Singers


You’ve known that since the first time you grabbed the “microphone”, and started singing to yourself in front of the mirror. Actually, not to yourself, but to the imagined crowd of fans in front of you. having heard so many success stories, you know all it takes is a dream, some hard work, and a great song! For that reason, Insider Monkey’s giving you 17 good pop rock audition songs for female singers!

Sometimes it all comes down to picking the right song to present yourself. At an audition, what you have is those few minutes to present yourself in the best way possible, and that’s no mean feat. All your hard work brought you in front of the judges waiting for you to shine (or prove tone deaf). Some of them hope you’ll be the next superstar. Others will look at you without any high hopes, except that they’re hoping you’ll be over soon so they can have some lunch. Either way, you have a couple of minutes to impress the judges enough to let you go to the next round, and the next one, until you reach the finals! Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it? And Insider Monkey can help you with it!

Now, bear in mind that not all the songs from the list are absolutely perfect for your voice range. Let’s be honest, few of us can sing everything, right? Knowing your own boundaries is an excellent quailty,a nd it has saved you some cringing moments, hasn’t it? But don’t be worried that these female audition songs are dull. There are ballads, as well as some really energetic songs that will make it hard even for the judges to keep still. Just imagine them tapping their feet like in that movie because that’s bound to happen. Also, since the choice is really good here, you can opt for several different songs in the future to show off your versatility. You’re definitely going to make it to the next round, so it’s good to have a back-up, isn’t it?

Another thing about this list: don’t expect any recent earworms from Ariana Grande and the like. It was proved that the judges prefer older songs, so that’s what’s in store for you. As well as that, you can be sure to show off how original you are. Insider Monkey definitely avoided adding tunes that have been too exploited over the years. No matter how professional one may be, we’re still only human. And if a judge has to sit through one more performance of certain Whitney Houston or Mariah Carry’s songs, well, it’s hard to blame them for losing concentration. To be on the safe side, these female audition songs should at least provide you with unbiased assessment.

Are you ready to get started? There are YouTube videos, too, so it’s simply impossible not to start humming and singing along to these 17 good pop rock audition songs for female singers!