18 Companies That Accept Cryptocurrencies for Payment in 2018


So, have you started thinking about investing in Bitcoins yet? If you’re still having qualms about it, then take a look at what you can buy with cryptocurrencies in Insider Monkey’s 18 companies that accept crytocurrencies for payment in 2018!

Let’s face it, even your grandma has heard of bitcoin, and your old neighbors are discussing investing into it (even though they know it’s only a pipe dream). These are two undeniable facts confirming the upcoming breakthrough in payments. At the moment, we’re still using the old-fashioned coins and notes, but who says cryptocurrencies won’t become the only means of payment one day? After all, we’re encouraged to pay by credit cards on our daily basis, making the money matter seems elusive. How much cash do you carry with you anyway? Don’t you feel “safer” when you have your Visa with you? Or perhaps the right question would be how would you feel, since it’s with you practically all the time.

Yes, it’s the right time to buy some coins for yourself. If anyone tries laughing at you, you can show them your latest Xbox or offer them a slice of pizza. Even better, a sandwich. Buying a sandwich is pretty straightforward while for the rest you’ll have to make some arrangements. Of course, this is 2018 we’re talking about, so you’ll see if (finally) Amazon is going to accept one of the cryptocurrencies. Admittedly, most of the companies ranked accept bitcoins, but some are open to Ethereum and other currencies, too. Apart from those little things such as Xbox and pizza, how would you feel if we told you that you can actually buy a commercial building with this funny money?

We believe we’ve got your attention now. Go and get your cyrptocurrencies’ worth at 18 companies that accept crytocurrencies for payment in 2018!