The topic that we will be discussing today, is rather sensitive. Our intentions are definitely not to offend anyone, we are merely going to convey the facts in an orderly manner to our readers. A person’s religious views and philosophy is his/her own, and we do believe in freedom of expression, and that every person is entitled to his/her own opinion. As the name of the article suggest, we are going to list the most famous atheists in the world. But, I am quite confident when I say this that the list is not complete, because there must have been other famous people who were atheists but could not come forward and be open about it. But times have changed, and today the world is a much tolerant place that it used to be. Thus the list only comprises of famous atheists of recent history. Regardless of what religious views you may have, if you are looking for some infotainment, then this article will definitely not disappoint you in any way. And the people that made our list today, have some very interesting view on the world and atheism itself. You will definitely enjoy reading it.

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