On Monday, two insiders at Curtiss-Wright Corp. (NYSE:CW) were awarded with stock grants. The company’s Vice President and Treasurer, Harry Jakubowitz, received 218 shares of Common Stock, with a value of $12,011.80, while Vice President Paul Ferdenzi was awarded with shares in the value of $14,656.60.

However, while both insiders haven’t participated in any insider stock trades this fiscal year, other company employees have been more active in this regard. Insider Michael Denton, for example, completed several stock dispositions this quarter, with his latest transaction dating back to June, where he unloaded 2,000 shares of Common Stock at a price of $68.56 per share.

Furthermore, this quarter showed several new shareholding positions amongst hedge funds, such as Jim Simons’ Renaissance Technologies, which purchased 197,200 shares for a value of $12.5 million. The company’s largest shareholder, however, remains Gamco Investors, the hedge fund run by Mario Gabelli, with over 2.3 million shares, worth $147.8 million and comprising 0.79% of the portfolio.

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