On Friday, Trinity Industries Inc. (NYSE:TRN) saw two of its insiders unload large bulks of stock. The firm’s Senior Vice President, Theis Rice, sold 99,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $43.40 per share. This is the insider’s first stock transaction of the fiscal year so far, and Rice now holds a total of 82,018 company shares.

The second insider to unload stock on Friday was James Perry, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the $6.8 billion market cap multi-industry enterprise. Perry disposed of 50,000 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $43.66 per share and following the insider’s first stock sale of the year, he now owns 223,498 company holdings.

While insider trading has been somewhat scarce at Trinity Industries this quarter, hedge fund movement has been positive. Robert Bishop’s Impala Asset Management, which is one of the firm’s largest shareholding hedge funds, increased its portfolio activity by an astounding 243% last quarter and now owns over 1.35 million shares, worth approximately $97.6 million.

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