Fox Factory Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:FOXF) saw two of its insiders dispose of company shares yesterday, on track with the recent sales trend that blossomed at the firm over the last quarter. Director Robert (Bob) Fox Jr. completed his first stock transaction of the fiscal year by unloading 817,607 shares of Common Stock, directly, for a price of $14.67 per share, leaving him with a total of 2.76 million company holdings.

But the larger stock disposition was executed by Compass Group Diversified Holdings LLC – a 10% owner of the Fox Factory Holding Corporation. The shareholder sold 4,466,569 shares of Common Stock, paying a price of $14.67 per share. This was also the first stock sale to be executed by Compass this year.

However, insider stock sales have been frequent this quarter at the $585.4 million market cap manufacturer, especially at the hand of Mario Galasso. The company’s President of Business Divisions has regularly unloaded Fox shares over the last months, including a larger sale of 13,126 shares of Common Stock, for $16.18 per share, completed last Thursday.

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