20 Countries Where Pokémon Go Is Available


Pokémon go has taken the world by storm. Video games became an outdoor activity almost overnight. Well, let us not get into all that controversy regarding video games in general, and especially Pokémon go, because that would require a whole new article. Instead, today we will be talking about the countries where you can easily play Pokémon go. Video game publishers have tried to impose region locking in the past, but this is not about that. As you already know, Pokémon go is not some game that you can play sitting on the couch or desk. You need to walk around while playing it. And if you have not played Pokémon go already, let me give you a brief rundown of the game mechanics. The game asks you to move around, and while you are at it, in true Pokémon fashion wild Pokémon’s will appear, and I am sure you know the rest. The thing is, sometimes the game will tell you to go to popular landmarks near you. And programming that for every country in the world is going to take a lot of time. This is the main reason, there are many countries out there that are still awaiting for the release of Pokémon go.

However, our researchers have made a list of 20 Countries Where Pokémon Go Is Available. If you happen to be in one of these 20 countries then you can consider yourself lucky. Because, a lot of gamers around the world will still have to wait for their turn to check out Pokémon go. Just click the link to find out more.