Today we will be handling a rather sensitive topic. The term stupid will not affect a person much if it comes from someone he/she is acquainted with, and has mutual respect for each other, but when the same term comes from a total stranger, things become a bit tense. It is considered to be a diminishing term when that happens, and can seriously hurt a person’s feelings. Well, perhaps today we will be stepping on a few nerves. Though to be fair, we are dealing with tertiary data, we merely took the liberty to rank the 20 Dumbest Countries in Europe on the basis of the data we got from World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report. It is accessible to anyone who may wish to investigate. That being said, it is rather easy to gauge an individual’s level of intellect, there are several tests designed for this specific purpose, like the famous IQ test or intelligence quotient test. But when it comes to an entire country, things get far more complicated. As you go through the full article, you will be able to learn in depth how exactly we ranked these countries, for now I will only reveal the criteria upon which these countries have been scored. So the criteria were, Quality of math and science education, Tertiary education enrollment, Patent applications/million, and last but not least Percent of individuals using the internet.

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