Apart from a few really promising nations, most of the continent of Asia is still quite underdeveloped and plagued by political unrest and corruption. And India happens to be one of the most promising nations hailing from that continent. There are a couple of things that sets India apart from other countries in the continent, it is the world largest democracy home to approximately 1.2 billion people, it has considerable military strength in the region and has nuclear weapons, and most notably, it is the world’s most prominent emerging market today. Today we will be talking about some expensive beer brands in India. But before I get started on the topic, I would like you to know, that the legal drinking age in India is rather high. No one younger than the age of 25 is legally allowed to drink in India. It is possibly the highest age limit on alcohol consumption, if my memory serves me right. That being said, India is a famous tourist destination. It has a diverse culture, and unspoiled natural beauty that attracts many tourists from the western world. Therefore, if you are planning a trip there, and beer is your beverage of choice, this article will really help you.

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