20 Most Popular High School Mascots


So, what was your high school mascot? The Mascots are fun and an essential part of any high school sports team. Well, not just high school sports teams, but sports teams in general. Though in an actual game the mascots do not play any significant role, but they do come in handy when boosting the morale of the team and fans. One might think that the mascots are a contemporary idea, but in fact, mascots have been around for a very long time. In the past, as oppose to current times, the mascots were actual animals, not just a person in a fancy animal suit. The sole purpose of the mascot was to instill fear and intimidate the opponents. This is why even today most mascots tend to be either beasts or birds of prey. But the purpose has changed significantly, today the mascots are not used to intimidate the opposing team, rather to boost its own team’s morale and as an attraction for fans. The list of most popular mascots is a very interesting one, and apart from fierce animals, pirates, Vikings and other terrifying groups are also popular as mascots. If you are looking for some quality entertainment, then the following article is a must read for you.

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