20 Most Profitable Industries in America


Whenever the following question is asked, “Which country is leading the global economy at present? The name United States of America comes to mind. The United States is known to the world for many reasons, for the freed of her people, for her military strength, as a pioneer in ground breaking technology, and her economic superiority. We must not forget, that before achieving anything else, economic strength is paramount for any country that wishes to make itself stand out among the others.  But achieving this economic strength is not easy. This is the result of tireless endeavors and sacrifices of great men throughout the entire history of America. Today The United States of America has established itself as the model of economic supremacy which other countries try follow. There are many thriving industries in America today, but we have managed to narrow down to the 20 Most Profitable Industries in America. These are the top twenty by profit making potential which does not mean that others are not profitable.

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