20 Most Widely Spoken Languages In The World


Languages are how we communicate with one another. Our highly complicated and advanced language give us the ability to convey our feelings and thoughts to others with utmost accuracy. Well, to be honest I should say relatively, as many linguists argue that one’s thoughts and feelings can never be conveyed fully, even with such an highly evolved language system like ours. Today, we are taking about languages that is most prolific in the modern world. It does not mean, that the most widely spoken languages are the most popular ones. You might find this a bit confusing, but let me explain. We are only considering the native speakers of a given language here. Take English for an example, the modern world knows English through and through. But, knowing English is not the same as being a native speaker of English. Otherwise, I am sure English would have been the most widely spoken language in the world. Since now that is out of they way, let us talk about the topic at hand. One thing is for sure that languages are fun. And I can grantee that you will have great time reading through our today’s article.

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