It is undeniable that the personal computers have completely revolutionized how we interact with the world today. And along with that, it has also had a huge impact on how we get things done. Just look at an office for example, a modern day office holds no resemblance whatsoever to its counterparts from the 80’s. And we are not just talking about outward appearance only, the way jobs are performed is completely different from back then. I mean, smartphones, computers, internet and many other job specific gadgets have changed the world completely. And naturally, to get the modern job done in a modern office, you ought to acquire new skills. We will basically be talking about the modern day counterpart of the Hammer and sickle. No, I am not referring to communism in any way, I am merely talking about the tools. The tools that we are using to get most jobs done today, and they are called softwares. There are an innumerable task specific softwares available out there, but naturally the best ones cost money. But if you are looking for some awesome softwares that are completely free, but are as capable as their commercial counterparts when it comes to performance, then I suggest you keep on reading.

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