20 Safest Airlines in The World


It has hardly been a little over a century that we have managed to unlock the mysteries of flight. But within this short period of time, we have achieved quite a lot in this field of science. There was once a time, when the only viable means of long distance travel were sea bound vessels. Now, the ships did do their job, but the journey was long and to some extent boring. As the ships of that time period lacked the amenities that we get to see and experience in the modern cruise ships. Sometimes, ships did not even have proper stabilization, and induced horrible sea sickness in its passengers. But thankfully, hardly after 50 years of the invention of powered flight, airlines began to take over this role. And at present for long distance travel, airlines are the norm. But there is one down side to all this however. If the aircraft you are travelling in, falls prey to an accident, the chances of survival are very slim. Because the modern aircrafts travel so fast and at such heights that an aircraft accident is the most devastating thing that can happen to you. You must make sure that the airline you choose to fly with has had a safe track record.

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