As the members of the LGBT community became more accepted by the society, movie directors and script-writers immediately rushed to make the best gay movies as the propaganda to show to the rest of the world what problems are members of the LGBT community dealing with and what is their life like in general, and, of course, to gain some award or acknowledgement for their work. That resulted in many good movies, but we are eager to present you the 21-century must-watch gay movies.

The list we are presenting contains almost every existent movie genre, not only the sleazy ones, with lots of cryings and the happy ending made for the girls with their periods to cry during the whole 90 minutes. These movies confront serious problems as well as everyday activities of the LGBT community members, as well as their fight for their own rights.

As these are all serious issues, we decided to start with some lighter program of 21-century must-watch gay movies, as this topic, as any other, can be fun and entertaining, and not just dark as almost everyone assumes. Therefore, the first movie we would like to talk about is simply called G.B.F. This is actually a teen movie, from which all school attendance should learn that being gay is completely normal and that the members of the LGBT community should be accepted as anyone else. But, to be honest, no matter how old you are, who doesn’t like teen comedies? Have you ever watched ’’Pretty Little Liars“? If you are a fan like I am, you will be delightful to know that one of the main characters is the girl who plays Alison in these popular criminalistic drama teen show.

But if you are looking for some serious drama, then the Men by the Lake is the perfect choice for you. I have to mention that this is the French movie, as not everyone is a fan of their movies. But despite the language, try to be a bit open-minded and take a look at this movie as there is a lot going on. I mean, it wouldn’t have 93% rating on Rotten Tomato if it wasn’t worth it. Those two are definitely must-have gay movies and I guarantee you don’t want to miss it. After you are done with these too, try out some of the 7 more Insider Monkey’s research team prepared for you in their article 9 best gay movies streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Although this article is about 21-century movies, don’t be alarmed when you run into a movie from the year of 1993 as it isn’t there by mistake.