25 Best Foods for a Hangover Headache


If you are reading this with your head pounding like a drum and your mouth all cottoned up, I am very sorry for you. Drinking alcohol is nothing new to the humankind, so hangovers are neither as well. The ancient Assyrians and in the Middle Ages talks about this in their records and also their search for a cure for this. However, we had to wait for modern science to finally catch up and give us a workable remedy. Modern science has discovered that nutrients in certain foods can make you feel better ASAP. We are not talking about some old in-house cures, but rather cures that have their roots in modern science as opposed to folk belief. If you are anticipating a hangover, I mean who does not, then I highly recommend that you go through the main article. In this way, the next time you get a hangover despite severity, you will also have the cure about you as well. Unfortunately, in this short intro I cannot get into further details. However, I will definitely point you to our main article in a short while.

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