25 Best Science Jokes For Kids


Sense of humor is something that you are born with, some people are just better at it than others. However, we seek social and peer approval and without it we become depressed. Sense of humor is a key element in getting the approval from the people who matter to you. Now that said, kids are just natural at being funny. I mean they do not perhaps intend to be funny, but they are and I mean it in a good way. Now when it comes to jokes, perhaps the science ones are the hardest to get. Perhaps my insecurity is talking here, but to me at least, getting the punchlines of science related jokes are never easy. However, it is immensely satisfied when I do get it without additional help from the teller. The thing is science jokes are not always straightforward, more often than not you need to know the actual science behind the joke. I don’t know about others, but I have never paid attention in the science class. Perhaps, science jokes could be a technique to make kids care more about science as a subject. Most science jokes talk about the most rudimentary science things and kids can easily pick those up.

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