You’re on Tinder? What’s your tagline? Are you sure it’s as brilliant as these 25 best Tinder profile taglines, captions and bio lines?

First of all, Insider Monkey didn’t just randomly pick out lines based on their own preferences. Every super serious article is done with a lot of research, and so is this one. It’s based on psychological tricks and tips. In a nutshell, the pick-up lines that work are include several elements. You should be clear and state freely what you like/dislike. There’s no appeal in beating around the bush. Secondly, try to flirt in an obvious way – this is no time to be shy. You can save that for later. During the first contact, it’s crucial to be relaxed and open. Finally, use words such as “we” and “our” a lot to start creating an illusion you’re already a couple. Subconsciously, the person you’re wooing will start imagining you together sooner or later. Also, everybody loves a challenge, so you shouldn’t be afraid to suggest one you would both find enjoyable. If all this works for texting on Tinder, there is no reason why you shouldn’t cut to the chase and apply these principles to your opening line.

And that’s exactly how these best lines work! No matter if you’re a guy or a girl, you’re going to find something for you. There are sexy taglines, witty bios, and flirty captions. Oh, yes, and the philosophical ones, too. Basically, there’s something for everyone. Whoever you’re trying to attract on Tinder, with these you’re definitely going to succeed!

There’s only one problem arising on the horizon…What are you going to do with all those matches? How are you going to narrow the list? Get ready to become the most swiped right person on Tinder. Check out 25 best Tinder profile taglines, captions and bio lines!