25 Countries That Spend The Most On Food: US Isn’t One Of ‘Em


Food is the most important aspect of everyday life. Though I am sure many will have different opinion about this, but if we are talking only about the aspect of being alive, then food definitely comes somewhere at the top of the list of things to do. But as we humans are, we do not just want to survive, rather we want to live, and enjoy our lives for as long as we can. And food can really be a great source of pleasure, thus it can also be quite expensive, depending on your eating habits. Today, we will be talking about some countries that spend a fortune on food alone. And to our surprise, despite all the foodies in the country, The United States did not make the list. Mind you, we are not talking about nutritious eating habits here, we are talking about expensive eating habits. So, the list might surprise you as well. We have ranked these countries based on what percent of the income the country actually spends on food items alone. Therefore, the net income is irrelevant here, rather the percent is the deciding factor. So, we got a few surprising results.

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