25 Most Common Fortune Cookie Sayings


For most people, food translates to fun. I mean, who does not like to eat good food. Well, you might want to avoid eating a lot because you are on a diet, but you are a foodie deep down, there is no doubt about it. Anyway, fortune cookies are just an awesome way to make the eating experience more fun and engaging. If you often host parties at your place, and you cook for your guests, then I guess this article can help you make your parties even more amazing. As fortune cookies go, they are definitely a tasty snack, and the message within can make things even better. As the title suggests, we are going to list the most popular fortune cookie sayings, but being common is not always a bad thing. If something is rather common than this usually means that people are really liking it. I am sure you can use these messages and then put in your unique touch and then make these messages the way your friends would like. This is a great idea and definitely worth a try.

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