25 Most Polluted Cities in the US in 2017


If you are deciding where to live, besides the beauty of the place and wide opportunities, do you also consider the quality of air? Air pollution seems to be among the top environmental issues. It affects not only health of the citizens, but the planet as well.

One of the most air polluted city in the world is considered to be Zabol in Iran. This city basically looks like a cloud of dust, which is considered to be a meteorological phenomenon. Zabol has a problem with dust storms which are filled with particles that can damage human lungs in a matter of hours. When it comes to other top polluted cities in the world, the list is long, and some of them are Onitsha in Nigeria, where petrol stations, rubbish dumps, and fuels spills are on every step, as well as a number of cities in India, Saudi Arabia, and China.

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